In honor of the 30th anniversary of this RPG classic, Metallic Joe digs in and celebrates Final Fantasy with a playthrough. Part 1 gets us to the Temple of Fiends, into a fight with pirates, and all the way to the Marsh Cave with a Crown in hand! What adventures await us next time?

Check out the video below for the playthrough. As usual, comments welcome!

30 years ago, Square, a fledgling gaming company from Japan, put their faith into a RPG they developed as kind of a last hope to keep afloat. A final attempt to create a classic Famicom game. Hence, Final Fantasy was born. Emerging a few years later in the US, Final Fantasy kicked off a series of games that kept pace with rival RPG series Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest in Japan) and produced some of the most legendary games on their respective consoles.

240p Club will be digging into this classic during the holidays with a Twitch playthrough soon!

It's December! The Northeast US is getting snow, we can't escape Christmas commercials, and for some reason after channel surfing, I'm watching "The Wizard" while typing this. (Basically a 2 hour NES commercial disguised as a movie). Winter has it's share of fun, though as a dorky 12 year old, unless it was a snowball fight, I spent my time in front of my NES and blasted through a ridiculous amount of 8-bit worlds.

Specifically in December, I had a tradition. I come from what was essentially a working class family. My game collection was decent, but my folks weren't able to lay down hundreds on games come holiday time. I still got games for special occasions, had a video rental store on my block, and managed to make a few temporary trades with friends. Right before Christmas, in anticipation of getting a haul of new games, I'd play all the games I had on hand.

Any game I could get my hands on, I'd play. I'd dig out the old ones. I'd play the ones I borrowed. I'd rent a few. I just played a stack of NES games every December. When my video game collection grew over the years, I'd spend more days out of the month playing NES, Genesis, and SNES games. In order of when I got them (I used to keep track). Eventually, my collection grew pretty big (thanks to used games from FuncoLand, which later became EB Games and now Gamestop). So December has evolved into a big gaming month for me.

These days, I have a horde of retro titles. I don't have the time I used to when I was a kid, but I have a whole lot of games in front of me, and I intend to play a vast majority of them (already dug through a bunch these past 13 days). I will eventually dig through a few I haven't played in ages. Though the tradition has evolved (I do not have the time to play 1000+ games to completion or close to it), I still take the month of December to play just about everything I have time to dig up (mostly stuff I haven't given much thought to in a while).

At any rate, a Holiday tradition is a Holiday tradition, even if the platform has changed. Be thankful for the stuff you have before asking (and hopefully receiving) more and more! Also by digging these games out we get to relive when we acquired them and some memorable times we've played through them.

Of course, this may mean we'll be using Twitch more this month...

-Metallic Joe-

The 240p Club is finally back! On this edition of our podcast, we revisit the beat-'em-up genre of games and dig through the huge pile of awesome titles to pick our staff's Top 10 of all time! After much debate, some badass kung fu, and a visit to Metro City, we finally narrowed it down to 10 series that had a lasting impact on us over the years. These are our Top 10 Beat 'Em Ups of the 240p era.

You can listen to the podcast BELOW or on iTunes / Google.

As usual, if you're listening on iTunes, leave us a review :)

At the Game Awards 2017 last night, Nintendo scored a huge victory with it's Breath of the Wild launch title for the Switch. It was voted game of the year 2017! It also took home the award for Best Game Direction from the same award show.

Meanwhile, Cuphead took home a few awards of it's own, including Best Art Direction, Best Independent Game, and Best Debut Indie Game.

For the complete award results, check out the accompanying Polygon Article!

-Metallic Joe-

I'm late to the party (this song is over two years old by now), but after getting a chance to see the band Psychostick (known for their hilarious viral hit "Beer" and other hilarious metal songs), I found this gem on Youtube.

The song is of course a parody of Heart's "Magic Man" but the video is a tribute to all things NES and the Tempe, Arizona band has used retro gaming images on their merch as well as referenced multiple titles on their other songs ("Adulting" featured Battletoads and Super Mario Bros. 3).

The only question left now is "Where did they find all those awesome posters in such awesome condition?"

-Metallic Joe-

Mega Man had a busy birthday today! In addition to the Mega Man 11 announcement, Capcom also announced Mega Man X and it's sequels would be coming to modern systems in a "Mega Man Legacy" collection. Also all Mega Man Legacy collections (1, 2 and X)  will be ported over to the Nintendo Switch sometime next year!

It appears that 2018 is going to be the year of Mega Man!

-Metallic Joe-

In a star-studded event that featured a live stream of Mega Man's history, Capcom announced to the world they're developing the first new Mega Man game since 2010! Mega Man 11 is a reality, and a trailer is posted below. The trailer, which features gameplay video, was the star of a long day of Mega Man, including guest streamers, a music performance, and everything else Blue Bomber!

If you want to watch any part of the day's festivities, they're available for stream on Capcom's Twitch Page!

Mega Man 11 will be available 4th Quarter 2018 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

-Metallic Joe-

Mega Man is officially 30! While the Blue Bomber's debut on the NES and Famicom was met with positive reviews, it was the sequels that shot him into the stratosphere! However the original will always have a special place in most retrogamer's collections!

The 240pClub LOVES this series of games and we dedicated our charity run to playing the entire NES series to honor Mega Man's 30th.

Capcom has plenty of surprises in store for this anniversary date. A live stream is taking over Twitch at Noon, EST ( and Capcom will make an announcement (or 2). Wherever you are out there, dig out your NES and play through a few robot masters. Happy Birthday, Mega Man!

-Metallic Joe-

It has been way too long since we've gotten everyone together for any sort of activity (aside from a nice party but that's not a place to be productive). I'm thrilled to say we'll be meeting today to FINALLY record a new podcast!

We've been playing an absolute ton of retro games during the holiday break, and one genre we've covered quite a bit is Beat 'Em Ups! We've let fists fly and racked our brains (after cracking skulls) enough to put together our second Top 10 list on the 240p Club Podcast!

We pitted Streets of Rage and Final Fight in a Back Alley Brawl in the past, now we bring out the rest of the pack for a Battle Royale and see who rises to the top!! We'll go Facebook live during recording to give you all a preview, then possibly beat up a few baddies on Twitch. As usual, we keep it 8-Bit and 16-Bit!

What Beat 'Em Ups have you played in the past few months?

-Metallic Joe-

If you're a gamer in 2017, chances are you've played a game that offers DLC (Downloadable Content). It's an acceptable fact that any game you play these days will offer something downloadable eventually for a small fee. However, it seems some companies will try to milk you more for every penny you can throw at them for a $69.99 game. When it becomes necessary to spend this cash to keep up with the rest of the online community, it's extortion.

Electronic Arts in the last decade has led the 'paid content' business model. Look at FIFA Ultimate Team and the fact that you'd probably need to spend a ton to compete with the best players. The internet, however, will not let anyone get away with too much extortion, no matter what license is backing a new game.

Star Wars II: Battlefront looks awesome graphic wise. Plus it's a Star Wars game. It's a guaranteed seller, right? EA knows this, so we wind up with of course paid content. The internet, however, voiced it's complaints about the leveling system and the game's requirement of paid content and loot crates in order to enjoy the finer points of the game. Or play for about 6 months straight to reach the same point. EA's extortion of it's gamer base has resulted in such a backlash, the company suspended paid downloads until the whole thing blows over.

This is sadly a common trend in gaming today. Some DLC is actually pretty cool. Instead of being required, you can spend a few bucks and get a whole new section of the game (expansion set). After all, expansion sets have been around for years, and when done right are worth the extra cash. Then there's what EA does and requires you to spend hordes of cash to be good at a game that's going to be replaced with a newer game less than a year later. They're of course not the only company that does this practice, but they're being singled out over just how bad the Battlefront II system was constructed, EA knowing it's going to sell because Star wars is one of the most marketable licenses out there.

And it's up to you, the consumer, to tell them no. Buy another game. Play an older game (I'm playing through some of the SNES Star Wars titles right now). Or spend your money supporting an indy developer. Either way, let EA know this is unacceptable by spending zero on their pay to play schemes.

-Metallic Joe-

I must confess, I've shaved my beard completely off to bring in No Shave November. If you've ever seen our Twitch streams, I usually have it clean shaven anyway, but to bring in No Shave November, I decided to grow it in October so I'd have a head start. If you didn't know, beards itch llike crazy when coming in, until they reached a certain point. Mine was just about to that point. It was finally hacked off with quite a bit of shaving cream and a nice razor.

Why am I mentioning this on a blog about video games? Trust me, it does figure into the 240p Club. The reason me and Ray were growing in our beards was to bring in No Shave November, and for the 240p Club, that meant a game a day on Twitch, trying to get donations from you fine people to go towards Prostate Cancer research. It was going to be a fun month of charity, old games, and insane amounts of content for you fine fans to digest.

Except real life happened. Our Twitch is a team of 3 of us. Ray got himself a new job with a rotating schedule. Nikki got herself reports, exams, and other fine things that go along with a college education. And I'm immersed in every possible overtime shift offered. I'm working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for the next month to keep all my bills in top shape for the holidays.

Point is, it's extremely hard to play a game a day if both nobody's home to do it and we're all exhausted after our busy days. Therefore it's extremely disappointing that we're unable to do anything for this charity month!

However, we can ask you all to donate at your own leisure to any sort of cancer charity you want to! Together, we'll do some good and play a few awesome games while we're at it!

In the meantime, I need aftershave!

-Metallic Joe-

Just to inform everyone, we're planning to eventually redesign this website. This should take place sometime in November.

In the meantime, this site will work as it should. Thank you all!


It's been a while since we've published a new podcast! Real life obligations, etc. However, we finally were able to get together and record another podcast. The topic tonight is "What If?" in video gaming, speculating what would have happened had certain events in video gaming happened differently. For example, "What if the NES did indeed get marketed in the US by Atari?", "What if the Nintendo Playstation came out", and our favorite "What is Genesis actually didn't what Nintendon't?".

Click below to listen from here, or download on iTunes!

You may have noticed we haven't been as active this month! Aside from enjoying all the cooler weather, all of us have been majorly busy doing real life stuff. Ray got himself a new job, Nikki is hard at work on her classes, and I've been busy doing all sorts of overtime and basically a lot of stuff that has kept me far away from working on this project!

Never fear, however, as we do have a load of new content coming to you starting with a new podcast tomorrow! The topic will be on "What If's" in the video gaming world, such as "What if Atari marketed the NES in America", "What if the Nintendo Playstation had actually been released" and my personal favorite, "What if Genesis actually didn't what Nintendon't?"

Tune in tomorrow to listen!

-Metallic Joe-
By the time you're reading this, the SNES Classic system has been released, picked up, and is now on back order. We wrote a blog a number of weeks back about the system and Nintendo's seemingly inability to change as far as producing limited number of their systems goes.

Nintendo may have read about all the criticism sent their way the past year and decided to do something about it, because despite still being limited in number, the SNES Classic was released in far, far greater numbers then it's predecessor, the NES Classic. As a result, the scalping price for systems is down, and Nintendo swears more will be available for the holidays. Also, the company is re-releasing the NES Classic sometime in 2018 for those that want to purchase it.

It appears Nintendo is finally learning from their numerous mistakes this past year.

-Metallic Joe-

We know just how you feel, Filbert!

Today, this classic title turns 20 years young!! Happy birthday to one of the best Playstation titles ever released. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

We've been away for a little while here. Sorry about that. Nikki is in class, Ray started a new job, and Metallic Joe is currently without a PC controller (new one coming soon). So never fret, our social media, Twitch, and Podcast will be back before you know it!

-Metallic Joe-

In honor of Halloween (our favorite holiday here at the 240p Club) October is officially "Scary Games Month"! We'll be doing a few Twitch playthroughs of some horror classics whenever we get the time. Hopefully you'll join us for the festivities all Month!!

-Metallic Joe-
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