Are YOU a bad enough dude (or chick) to purchase this title? One of the all time classic arcade beat-em-ups is making it's way to the Nintendo Switch this week. The arcade version of Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (and not the weaker NES Bad Dudes port) is making it's way to the Nintendo e-Shop on March 21st.

Developed by Flying Tiger Entertainment, Inc. the arcade port was originally developed by Data East for the arcades in 1988. No information has been released yet on extra features, if any.

-Metallic Joe-

Sonic Mania players shot the trusty blue hedgehog straight up the charts last summer with what was critically hailed as one of the best Sonic titles in years. Designed by longtime fans of the series, it was a huge hit. Now this summer, Sega is doing more with their iconic mascot.

Sonic Mania Plus was announced for a Summer 2018 release and will feature a few new features to the game, including Encore Mode (which will change a few levels and add some special challenges) two new characters (Ray the Flying Squirrel and Mighty the Armadillo, which appeared in the Japan-only arcade title SegaSonic the Hedgehog first appearing in 1993) and most importantly feature a physical release (supposedly including a reversible cover that allows the game to look like a Genesis title) that comes with an art book.

Those that purchased the digital version of Sonic Mania will be able to purchase this upgrade, though no price has been discussed yet. The physical release is said to retail for $29.99. Look for Sonic Mania Plus in the warm summer months to come! Game will be available for Steam, Xbox, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

-Metallic Joe-

Continuing on with his celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Final Fantasy for the Famicom, Metallic Joe picks up the controller again and takes on the Lich (The Earth Fiend) and Kary, the Fiend of Fire in combat. Check it out below:

-Metallic Joe-

#Mar10 Day is finished and was a rousing success! After a few marathon playthroughs, we have all the fun for you to relive right here:

First is Ray's tackling of lost title Hotel Mario:

Second, Nikki takes on the unusual second chapter of Mario's journey with Super Mario bros. 2 (the SNES All-Stars Version).

Finally Metallic Joe takes on a challenge of all 96 levels, fighting fatigue and sleepiness to conquer every level and exit in one sitting.

March 10th is abbreviated Mar 10, or Mar10 (Mario!). Nintendo (and countless other gamers) are observing Mario Day by doing what we do best... playing Mario Games!!

On the agenda today is 3 streams from all 3 of our Podcasters!

Ray starts things off with lost chapter Hotel Mario!

Nikki then takes over for the oddball in the series Super Mario Bros. 2 (or Super Mario USA). The reworked Doki Doki Panic title was nethertheless a classic chapter in the Mario series!

And Metallic Joe is diving right into all 96 levels of Super Mario World (in one sitting). Send coffee please!

The fun starts at 4 PM EST!

Our apologies for being a day late but Ray has decided to honor International Women's Day in the best way us retro gamers can, by saving a prince as a strong video game heroine. MS-DOS Classic Jill of the Jungle was another smash for awesome company Epic Megagames!

Check it out below, and other great playthroughs on our YouTube Page:

-Lord Kuddy-

Even though every day should celebrate women, today especially we recognize the amazing ladies that shaped history and still do!

We're back with a brand new podcast!

On our special hour and a half 30th podcast, we turn the clock back 30 years here at the 240p Club to glam rock, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and of course the year in Nintendo releases. We go down the list in alphabetical order and discuss each North American release for the NES in 1988. Some classic releases, some that may have been better off unreleased, nothing is off limits on this list. So turn the clock back with us and listen in!

As usual, all our podcasts are also available on iTunes. Feel free to subscribe and leave us a review! Or just tune in here.

Aside from a Sonic Mania expansion pack, November 2019 has been set for a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, according to While no plot whatsoever has been revealed, it's expected to feature a CGI Sonic in what may be the real world. Developers seem to be rushing to get this to theaters ahead of an announced Mario movie. Mario is expected to be worked on by the Despicable Me team and may be entirely computer animated.

These projects are still in development, but in the meantime you can always track down the original Sonic the Hedgehog Cartoon and relive the nostalgia of waking up early on a Saturday morning and watching one of the best video game cartoons around!

-Metallic Joe-

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest games ever, our own Nikki has took it upon herself to take on Gannon in the legendary Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. Part 1 is up on YouTube now.

Watch Below:

-Nikki Tuonela-

Continuing with our 30th anniversary celebration, Metallic Joe once again takes the reigns and gets our party through the fight with Astos, the Dwarven cave, and the first part of the Earth Cave, including a showdown with a certain bloodsucker. Tune in below!

Funko, makers of those fantastic Pop! collectable figures, holds some interesting licenses for future releases. Specifically, according to a article, Earthbound (the cult classic SNES RPG) is among the licenses the company has acquired. While no official announcement has been made for anything, this did open uip speculation the company was saving the license for a special ocassion, such as Earthbound 3 finally getting a US release, or even a remastering on the Nintendo Switch of the classic SNES game.

We'll have to wait and see for now.

-Metallic Joe-

Sunday blues? What better way to not have to think about Monday than with a NEW PODCAST! Yes, Episode 29 is up. 

Episode 29 of the 240p Club takes us to the world of user-created levels and content for your favorite video games past and present. If you've ever downloaded a user-designed Quake level or even made your own course in Excitebike, we cover it.

Also we dig into Atari record keeping and more specifically the legitamacy of some of the older records on the heels of the scandal involving Todd Rogers.

Finally...don't eat Detergent Pods!

Todd Rogers, a decades-long holder of several alleged video game records, was recently and conclusively found to have fabricated many of them (including his top score on Atari classic Dragster). Just goes to show that in the end, lying and cheating never pays off! What are your thoughts on this?

We will most definitely be covering this on our next podcast among many other topics. Stay tuned!

For the link to the original story, click below:

-Lord Kuddy-

In 1997, Origin Systems Inc. (now owned by Electronic Arts) released a new MMORPG using one of the most popular RPG worlds ever created in Britannia of the Ultima universe. The game was an addicting blast despite being in what felt like a constant state of beta testing flux with each patch.

I think I spent most of my Sophomore and Junior years of high school playing this game at nights and on the weekends. After the game's dungeons and quests became boring, Player Killing spiked in popularity and later on, an established guild system where factions can have wars even in established safe havens such as towns.

Of course it's popularity waned after Everquest came out, then eventually the MMORPG big daddy World of Warcraft.

But, as we all know, a lot of those games of yesteryear never quite go away. A complete fan-run server known as UO Forever made it's debut 5 years ago and was modeled after the earlier years of the game before the expansion sets came out. It also encouraged rapid stat growth so your character would be ready for guild warfare and PvP without having to macro for hours. Also it's free.

It's really breathed new life into a 20 year old game and I'm happy to say I have been playing UO again for the first time in a legit 18 years.

-Metallic Joe-

2017 is in the books and what a wild ride it's been. The big video gaming systems went VR and Ultra 4K HD, while interest in gaming expanded into the e-sport realm. VR made a comeback in grand fashion. Yet, despite the trends towards more powerful technology than ever in gaming, 2017 looks to ultimately belong to some old friends.

All of the recent standards of the modern systems came out with new titles, including Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. Yet the old school franchises like Street Fighter and Tekken catapulted the e-sport genre straight to the mainstream. Rocket League (what looks like soccer with cars) became the undisputed king of the e-sport games.

Indeed you can turn on your TV in the 1990s and some cable channel at 3 AM would show something video game related. US television channel G4, long since dead, was an early stab at broadcasting games to a wider audience. Video game competitions were nothing new and were actually the basis of a lot of Nintendo legendary players and high scores back in the late 80s and early 90s. Blockbuster Video took over in the mid 1990s. Video game magazines covered it and sometimes you'd see an obscure channel showing something video gaming related. But in 2017, you could turn on primetime ESPN and watch a Street Fighter V Tournament. People claimed video game player as a profession and competition went mainstream. Tekken 7 and Rocket League tournaments soon followed. E-Sports went mainstream.

2017 also belonged to retro gaming. Despite all the acclaim of the big systems, Nintendo's Switch ruled the roost in 2017. Indeed Breath of the Wild was hailed as one of the year's best releases. Super Mario Odyssey soon followed and Switch re-releases of games like Shovel Knight and Super Meat Boy gave Nintendo's newest system a rabid and loyal following. The portability of the system, the price, and the fact that Nintendo takes extreme care in creating their software has given the hottest system trophy easily to the Switch this year.

Nintendo was also taken to task for it's handling of the NES Classic. By making so few at launch and then discontinuing the system, it drove the cost of these systems on the secondary market sky high. And it looked like Nintendo was going to do the same thing to the SNES Classic. However, Nintendo came to their senses and launched en masse the retro system, and promised more NES Classics in the future. By the middle of this year, it should be ridiculously easy to snag one from a regular store and not have to spend a fortune paying someone online for what may or may not be a bootleg.

Retro-styled gaming wasn't limited to just Nintendo systems in 2017, however. Shovel Knight creators Yacht Club Games announced a small crossover level with Battletoads, a new expansion to their money-making franchise, and a Switch port. Words of a sequel, however, may be saved until 2018.

Speaking of sequels, Mega Man has been very quiet this entire decade aside from a few reissues and some Mega Man like games (Mighty No. 9 and 20XX, looking at you). Fans were getting a little peeved that the most the franchise has done was reissue the old games in 2 separate Legacy collections, but Capcom hit us with a bombshell trailer and Mega Man 11 was announced in all it's 2.5D glory. Not to mention the announcement the X series was getting the Legacy reissue treatment as well. The announcement made Mega Man's 30th anniversary (held on modern streaming platform Twitch) way more then just a simple milestone and a "what if" conversation.

Surprise game of the year was Cuphead. A side-scroller designed as a 1920s cartoon, it made it's way to Xbox and PC and became one of the most addicting games released in 2017. Borrowing from classics like Vectorman and Ghosts and Goblins, the retro-styled game featured a wide assortment of boss battles and power-ups that would have felt right at home on a PS1 or Sega Saturn (minus the awesome graphic effects like the grainy video). Also feeling right at home on a retro system was the amazing Sonic Mania, a re-imaging of some Sonic 1-3 levels as well as a host of new ones in a game that was a Genesis Sonic fanatic's dream. Everything you may have felt would be amazing back as a kid playing these games on Genesis was put into this amazing game and retro gamers (and a lot of newer Sonic fanatics in the making) ate it up.

2017 was definitely a banner year for those that love the retro gaming scene. The success of the Nintendo Switch, an amazing batch of retro-styled releases on modern systems, and the success of old franchises like Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 on E-Sport broadcasts prove sometimes the classics make for some of the best gaming out there, and make sure we'll be talking again about retro-styled games in 2018 and long after.

-Metallic Joe-

Happy New years from all of us!!

We here at the 240p Club wish you a Happy Holidays, and may the jolly red guy give you awesome gifts (sort of like these guys)!

-Metallic Joe-

In honor of the 30th anniversary of this RPG classic, Metallic Joe digs in and celebrates Final Fantasy with a playthrough. Part 1 gets us to the Temple of Fiends, into a fight with pirates, and all the way to the Marsh Cave with a Crown in hand! What adventures await us next time?

Check out the video below for the playthrough. As usual, comments welcome!

30 years ago, Square, a fledgling gaming company from Japan, put their faith into a RPG they developed as kind of a last hope to keep afloat. A final attempt to create a classic Famicom game. Hence, Final Fantasy was born. Emerging a few years later in the US, Final Fantasy kicked off a series of games that kept pace with rival RPG series Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest in Japan) and produced some of the most legendary games on their respective consoles.

240p Club will be digging into this classic during the holidays with a Twitch playthrough soon!
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