Frequently Asked Questions:

  • So what is 240p?
To quote the Wikipedia entry on 240p:
Older video game consoles and home computers generated a nonstandard NTSC or PAL signal which sent a single field type which prevented fields from interlacing. This is equivalent to 240p and 288p respectively, and was used due to requiring less resources and producing a progressive and stable signal.

 So when you're hooking up a NES to your old UHF/ VHF TV, it's in 240p resolution (or 288).

  • What exactly does the 240p Club do? Do you do playthroughs of old games? Talk about old games? News?
All of the above actually. We cover gaming news pertaining to retro and retro-style gaming, do a playthrough on Twitch usually, and publish a podcast once a week

  • Where can I listen to your podcast?
Our podcast is available on PodBean (check out that handy player to your right) and also on iTunes.

  • Where are you all based out of?
United States. East Coast. You can probably figure it out eventually by our accents.

  • Can I be on your show?
Right now, no. That can change as we do more episodes.

  • Can I donate to help you guys out?
 We may have a donation box in the near future. We'll get back to you on that (of course we always accept beer as payment).

  • Your show sucks!
That's not really a question! Feel free to tell us about it, and if you're actually constructive and not trolling, we may actually listen to you.

  • Why don't you cover modern games?
We grew up with the classics. We're good at the classics. We don't make enough cash to pay $59.99 for a game and then have to shell out $9.99 for the costume pack, then the relic we need to solve the one level... you get the point. Besides, beating a tough platform game feels like a serious accomplishment!

  •  Where else can we find or follow you?
We have a Facebook page, twitter and Instagram accounts. We also stream on Twitch.tv. We may also from time to time be seen lurking around gaming events such as Magfest, Too Many Games and other various tournaments. 

  • Nobody really asked these questions, did they?
I can't hear you Lalalalalalala....