Game Masters Exhibit Comes to Franklin Institute

If you're near the Philadelphia area in the US, a brand new exhibit debuted at the end of March called Game Masters at the Franklin Institute. The interactive Game Masters exhibit showcases arcade and console games from yesteryear and is fully interactive.

According to the press release:

Game Masters, a landmark exhibition celebrating five decades of the world’s most ingenious video game designers, and featuring a remarkable 100+ playable games debuts Saturday, March 31 at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The 14,000 square-foot exhibition explores the evolution of gaming from arcade classics such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man, to iconic console-based games featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and Rock Band, through to today's indie hits like Real Racing 2, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds.
The Franklin Institute’s highly-anticipated spring/summer exhibition will be housed in the Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion and the Mandell Center, and feature an additional 1200 square feet of interactive programming space within the exhibit developed by The Franklin Institute to explore topics such as coding, robotics and technology, gamification and learning, and problem-solving.

Due to licensing, Nintendo products will not be featured during the exhibit. However, Sega is in full force and many of their games have made their way to the display!

To get tickets to the museum exhibit, head to The Official Franklin Institute Page or stop by in person at 271 N. 21st Street Philadelphia, PA 19103. Parking is limited, so do as us Philadelphians do and take a train or bus down to enjoy the sights!

-Metallic Joe-
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