Donkey Kong World Record Stricken

A few months after Todd Rogers was stripped of his records on Atari's Dragster, another record holder has been stripped of his title.

Twin Galaxies has stripped Billy Mitchell's high score of 1,062,800 on Donkey Kong set between 2005 and 2007 and banned him from future attempts due to achieving his score allegedly on MAME (an arcade emulator for the PC/Mac). Also stricken was a Donkey Kong Jr. score of 1,270,900.

To add some more controversy to this story, Mitchell supposedly achieved these scores at an arcade on Florida. However, the only referee in attendance was none other then Todd Rogers.

Kids, if you're attempting a world record, make sure you have a buddy with a camera recording said scores. And don't attempt these at home (unless you indeed have one of these arcade machines at home).

-Metallic Joe-
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