Aside from a Sonic Mania expansion pack, November 2019 has been set for a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, according to While no plot whatsoever has been revealed, it's expected to feature a CGI Sonic in what may be the real world. Developers seem to be rushing to get this to theaters ahead of an announced Mario movie. Mario is expected to be worked on by the Despicable Me team and may be entirely computer animated.

These projects are still in development, but in the meantime you can always track down the original Sonic the Hedgehog Cartoon and relive the nostalgia of waking up early on a Saturday morning and watching one of the best video game cartoons around!

-Metallic Joe-

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest games ever, our own Nikki has took it upon herself to take on Gannon in the legendary Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. Part 1 is up on YouTube now.

Watch Below:

-Nikki Tuonela-

Continuing with our 30th anniversary celebration, Metallic Joe once again takes the reigns and gets our party through the fight with Astos, the Dwarven cave, and the first part of the Earth Cave, including a showdown with a certain bloodsucker. Tune in below!

Funko, makers of those fantastic Pop! collectable figures, holds some interesting licenses for future releases. Specifically, according to a article, Earthbound (the cult classic SNES RPG) is among the licenses the company has acquired. While no official announcement has been made for anything, this did open uip speculation the company was saving the license for a special ocassion, such as Earthbound 3 finally getting a US release, or even a remastering on the Nintendo Switch of the classic SNES game.

We'll have to wait and see for now.

-Metallic Joe-

Sunday blues? What better way to not have to think about Monday than with a NEW PODCAST! Yes, Episode 29 is up. 

Episode 29 of the 240p Club takes us to the world of user-created levels and content for your favorite video games past and present. If you've ever downloaded a user-designed Quake level or even made your own course in Excitebike, we cover it.

Also we dig into Atari record keeping and more specifically the legitamacy of some of the older records on the heels of the scandal involving Todd Rogers.

Finally...don't eat Detergent Pods!
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