Ultima Online is Forever!

In 1997, Origin Systems Inc. (now owned by Electronic Arts) released a new MMORPG using one of the most popular RPG worlds ever created in Britannia of the Ultima universe. The game was an addicting blast despite being in what felt like a constant state of beta testing flux with each patch.

I think I spent most of my Sophomore and Junior years of high school playing this game at nights and on the weekends. After the game's dungeons and quests became boring, Player Killing spiked in popularity and later on, an established guild system where factions can have wars even in established safe havens such as towns.

Of course it's popularity waned after Everquest came out, then eventually the MMORPG big daddy World of Warcraft.

But, as we all know, a lot of those games of yesteryear never quite go away. A complete fan-run server known as UO Forever made it's debut 5 years ago and was modeled after the earlier years of the game before the expansion sets came out. It also encouraged rapid stat growth so your character would be ready for guild warfare and PvP without having to macro for hours. Also it's free.

It's really breathed new life into a 20 year old game and I'm happy to say I have been playing UO again for the first time in a legit 18 years.

-Metallic Joe-
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