Play Them All!

It's December! The Northeast US is getting snow, we can't escape Christmas commercials, and for some reason after channel surfing, I'm watching "The Wizard" while typing this. (Basically a 2 hour NES commercial disguised as a movie). Winter has it's share of fun, though as a dorky 12 year old, unless it was a snowball fight, I spent my time in front of my NES and blasted through a ridiculous amount of 8-bit worlds.

Specifically in December, I had a tradition. I come from what was essentially a working class family. My game collection was decent, but my folks weren't able to lay down hundreds on games come holiday time. I still got games for special occasions, had a video rental store on my block, and managed to make a few temporary trades with friends. Right before Christmas, in anticipation of getting a haul of new games, I'd play all the games I had on hand.

Any game I could get my hands on, I'd play. I'd dig out the old ones. I'd play the ones I borrowed. I'd rent a few. I just played a stack of NES games every December. When my video game collection grew over the years, I'd spend more days out of the month playing NES, Genesis, and SNES games. In order of when I got them (I used to keep track). Eventually, my collection grew pretty big (thanks to used games from FuncoLand, which later became EB Games and now Gamestop). So December has evolved into a big gaming month for me.

These days, I have a horde of retro titles. I don't have the time I used to when I was a kid, but I have a whole lot of games in front of me, and I intend to play a vast majority of them (already dug through a bunch these past 13 days). I will eventually dig through a few I haven't played in ages. Though the tradition has evolved (I do not have the time to play 1000+ games to completion or close to it), I still take the month of December to play just about everything I have time to dig up (mostly stuff I haven't given much thought to in a while).

At any rate, a Holiday tradition is a Holiday tradition, even if the platform has changed. Be thankful for the stuff you have before asking (and hopefully receiving) more and more! Also by digging these games out we get to relive when we acquired them and some memorable times we've played through them.

Of course, this may mean we'll be using Twitch more this month...

-Metallic Joe-
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