No- No Shave November?

I must confess, I've shaved my beard completely off to bring in No Shave November. If you've ever seen our Twitch streams, I usually have it clean shaven anyway, but to bring in No Shave November, I decided to grow it in October so I'd have a head start. If you didn't know, beards itch llike crazy when coming in, until they reached a certain point. Mine was just about to that point. It was finally hacked off with quite a bit of shaving cream and a nice razor.

Why am I mentioning this on a blog about video games? Trust me, it does figure into the 240p Club. The reason me and Ray were growing in our beards was to bring in No Shave November, and for the 240p Club, that meant a game a day on Twitch, trying to get donations from you fine people to go towards Prostate Cancer research. It was going to be a fun month of charity, old games, and insane amounts of content for you fine fans to digest.

Except real life happened. Our Twitch is a team of 3 of us. Ray got himself a new job with a rotating schedule. Nikki got herself reports, exams, and other fine things that go along with a college education. And I'm immersed in every possible overtime shift offered. I'm working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for the next month to keep all my bills in top shape for the holidays.

Point is, it's extremely hard to play a game a day if both nobody's home to do it and we're all exhausted after our busy days. Therefore it's extremely disappointing that we're unable to do anything for this charity month!

However, we can ask you all to donate at your own leisure to any sort of cancer charity you want to! Together, we'll do some good and play a few awesome games while we're at it!

In the meantime, I need aftershave!

-Metallic Joe-
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