Play NES Golf on your Switch!

The gaming community is quite the resourceful bunch. When NES Golf just randomly appeared on one Switch user's screen, hackers went to work examining the Switch's source code for any clues as to why and unearthed one of the best Easter Eggs we've ever heard on.

NES Golf was designed to unlock on July 11, or so the hackers say. It seems to be put into the system in tribute to Satoru Iwata, former Nintendo CEO that passed away from cancer on July 11th, 2015. Iwata programmed the game and managed to fit it onto an early NES cart.

While there's no word from Nintendo confirming this, needless to say have your switch console on and ready July 11, 2018.

Thanks to Kotaku for all the info on this juicy tidbit.

-Metallic Joe-
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