Anniversaries Abound!

On July 20, 2017, we here at the 240p Club celebrated our one year birthday. One year of podcasting!

However, we weren’t the only ones to celebrate a birthday recently; some of our favorite games have as well! You may recall being a kid and going to your favorite arcades to play the classics like Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Area 51 or even Time Crisis. Yeah! We did that, too. Of course we did! We practically lived at the arcades when we weren’t home or at school. Or some of us would go to the local deli around the corner from the elementary school and get in a heap of trouble playing Mortal Kombat II.

Hey! I thought the girl in pink was harmless, she was WEARING PINK!! And then she proceeded to eat the head of her opponent. Real harmless.

While the battles of popularity between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter went on (if you recall a previous podcast of ours, we ended up declaring Mortal Kombat the winner of our battle royale-perhaps another one is on the horizon. Battle of the 3D fighters, anyone?), anyone could find either cabinet from the local arcade, to the local pizza hut on a Friday night.

This fall, this series will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. What a milestone! We will definitely have something planned for this special occasion, as we’ve said before, we’re Mortal Kombat fans. Maybe our resident cosplayer (hey, that's me!) will have something planned up her sleeve. So you won’t want to miss this!

Despite the series not being very family friendly, and fighting in competition with the wildly popular, and more friendlier Street Fighter (while not as violent, it still got people talking-we’ll get to this soon), it persevered and survived. It was the one game your parents said you couldn’t play, but ya did anyway. You enjoyed putting in the blood code on the Sega version (ABACABB), you enjoyed the many different characters, from the ice-throwing Sub Zero, the fiery spear wielding Scorpion, flesh eating madwoman Mileena, and the shape-shifting Shang Tsung.

And your soul was his, no matter how much you fought it. Hopefully with the blood code!

And was beating this game ever rewarding….

But before we get to that..

Does anyone remember the first time you performed a fatality? The fatalities would probably look funny now compared to the graphic ones seen in the latest release, MKXL, what with intestines flying out of people’s mouths and spines being ripped out-oh wait, we did that back in 1992!

Yes, there was much controversy against ol’ Subs ripping out people’s spines. Or Millie’s Kiss of Death. Or Scorpy’s skull face burning his opponents to a crisp. But it felt so good!

And if you weren’t playing Mortal Kombat, maybe you weren’t allowed, maybe you didn’t like it, maybe, like me, you weren’t too good at it-no one will judge ya!-you probably played Street Fighter.

Street Fighter recently celebrated its 30th anniversary this week, and for me, that game was just as memorable than anything else I’ve ever played.

It all started when I played Street Fighter II at a family member’s house. Of course, I was happy to see a female fighter in the game, so I played as her. I eventually played as the whole cast, but enjoyed Chun Li the most. I still enjoy her the most, along with Cammy, another female who would be added in the subsequent Street Fighter II title, Super Street Fighter II.

Many, many iterations of Street Fighter II would come out, and it became a staple within the series; Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2, 3, Alpha 3 Max, Street Fighter 3’s (as they’re lovingly called), the Street Fighter 4 series (IV, SSFIV, USFIV and USFIV Arcade Edition). Unfortunaely, to the dismay of others, Street Fighter V would not have the most welcome of releases, but I cannot judge, I liked it.

But one cannot deny how iconic the series has become, from lyrics to famous songs, to references in shows like Family Guy. In addition, Street Fighter also has some of the most famous characters in video games; the high kicking Chun Li, the fiery Ken, the studious Ryu, and the devil Akuma to name a few. So Happy Birthday to you, Street Fighter!

If you didn’t play either Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, the cousin of the two, also part of the supposed Big 3 Fighters was Tekken. This game was totally different from the other two, in part of it being a 3D fighter. Similar games like Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur existed within the 3D realm, and later, Dead or Alive would join them, but there was something special about Tekken, something, out of this world, if you will.

A series filled with the atypical Bruce Lee, the brutish American, the blonde bombshell assassin, and then a BEAR. And followed by that, Devils! Actual Devils! Featuring a story about a family that just won’t quit fighting each other until they’re all dead-and did we mention, they’re all freakin’ Devils.

As the series progressed, it would face much success on Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and with its most recent release, Tekken 7, which dropped this past summer, for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In the spirit of celebration, Happy Birthday as well to Tekken 2, which celebrated it's own birthday this past summer.

If fighting games weren’t your thing, and maybe you played shooters, you probably played Goldeneye 007. Also known as, the granddaddy of all shooters. I know many a summer was spent in front of our TV, at parties, passing around the controller in multiplayer. Counting all my kills as 006 in the Bunker, hunting for the Golden Gun, and if you were that asshole who played Odd Job, you were hated and hosed during the parties. Goldeneye 007 would see a remake on the Playstation 3 a few years ago, but it didn’t quite have the same magic. Personally, I disliked it, and felt that it did not need a remake, when the original still held up to this day.

Going backwards for a second, returning to our Mortal Kombat and Sega Genesis discussion, if you had a Sega, you probably had Streets of Rage. Sega’s answer to Final Fight, this featured a trio of cops who ran through the streets of New York City, busting up and beating up thugs who terrorized the city. Often put up in battles, a rival of sorts against Final Fight, this game featured, as some would call, better gameplay, and a fantastic OST that still frequents my Spotify and iPod. It’s one of the best OST’s of all time, and if you haven’t listened to it, or played it yet, do it now! You will not be disappointed. And try not to look at Streets of Rage as a Final Fight clone-lots of beat ‘em ups were released around this era (most of which would evolve into the Musou series like Dynasty/Samurai Warriors and Sengoku Basara), and look at it as its own entity. You’ll love it.

And last, but certainly not least, Chrono Trigger! Possibly my second favorite game of all time, second to A Link to the Past (which we’ll discuss later), you’ve all heard me gush about CT all over the podcast for many, many episodes, so I won’t bore you, but I’ll just wish Chrono Trigger a very happy 22nd birthday. Maybe you’ll see a cosplay or two. Maybe ;)

And how could we forget, the game that started the 240p Club itself; celebrating its 30th birthday, the fighting robot, Mega Man!! Happy, Happy Birthday to one of the best games ever, and one of our personal favorites! Be on the lookout for more streams and more events as we celebrate a wonderful 30 years of Mega goodness!

- Nikki Tuonela -
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