Street Fighter II Coming Back to SNES

In honor of the 30th Birthday of the Street Fighter franchise, Capcom is teaming up with Iam8bit to release a limited edition actual SNES cartridge of the classic fighting game.

Developed by Iam8bit, the special edition cartridge is limited to 4,400 "Ryu Headband Red" and 1,000 "Glow-In-The-Dark Blanka Green". You'll receive a random version of the cart. Also included is a specially-designed box, "Premium" instruction booklet, and some "Retro Pack-In Surprises". It retails for $100.

Be careful, however, actually putting the cart into your SNES. According to iam8bit's website:

WARNING: Use of this reproduction game cartridge (the “Product”) on the SNES gaming hardware may cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire. The SNES hardware is deemed a vintage collectible, so please exercise extreme caution when using the Product and make sure there is fire extinguishment equipment nearby. Use of the Product is at the sole risk of the user. The Product is sold “as is”.  Neither iam8bit, Inc. nor Capcom Co, Ltd. make any representation or warranty, express or implied, of any kind, including any warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular use, or that the Product is safe to use, and iam8bit, Inc. or Capcom Co, Ltd. shall have no liability for damage to property or persons arising from use of the Product. Nintendo of America is in no way associated with the release of this Product.
 We probably should recommend tracking down an original cart if you intend to play it in the SNES and leave this as the awesome collectable it is!

-Metallic Joe-

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