Mega Man for Mega Paws Rules

With our charity stream coming up in TWO DAYS, we figured we would answer a few questions about it.

In case you missed all our announcements, Mega Man for Mega PAWS is a charity stream we're doing Sunday August 6th at Noon. We'll be playing through all 6 Mega Man games for the NES and the first one to finish all 6 is declared the winner. During our race we'll have a button where you can donate to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to benefit a no-kill shelter that helps get homeless pets adopted and provided low-cost spaying and neutering to pet guardians. They are a verified non-profit and all your donations go towards helping animals.

The games are going to be played in order.

Don't expect some crazy speedrunning tricks. We're banning glitching the game to get farther (though naturally-occurring, accidental glitches will be excused). No cheats as well. And no turbo controller.

No bathroom breaks. If you have to pause the game to use the bathroom, everyone else still plays.

We have to watch the endings. This is a good chance to get a bathroom break.

We'll schedule a meal break midway through. We'll probably broadcast it (if us eating pizza gets us donations, we're down).

Finally if the leader is two games ahead, you can skip to the next game. If Ray happens to be on Mega Man 4 while Nikki is on Mega Man 2, she can automatically skip to 3.

Anything else you would like to see, let us know!

-Metallic Joe-
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