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Anyone see the new Duck Tales cartoon on Disney XD yet? I was a huge fan of the original as a kid and literally rushed home from school to watch episodes of it in the afternoon before homework commenced. The series reboot has a fairly weird animation quality to it, and Uncle Scrooge is voiced by the talented David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who).

Anyway, what better way to soak in this awesome show then to dive headfirst into the classic games from Capcom (who made some of the best Disney games ever released). We cracked open Duck Tales and Duck Tales 2 for the NES, videos of which are below.

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Duck Tales NES (Any %):

Duck Takes 2 NES (Blind Playthrough Any %) Part 1:

Duck Takes 2 NES (Blind Playthrough Any %) Part 2:

Duck Takes 2 NES (Blind Playthrough Any %) Part 3:

-Metallic Joe-

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