Random Facts About the 240p Club

In honor of our birthday, we also came up with a list of items you may not know about our Podcast:
  • Our first podcast was actually recorded in two takes. We spliced the best from each take into the podcast. This was also the only podcast recorded twice. Everything else is recorded in one or two takes, with goofs and outtakes edited out as best we could. (You'd be surprised how much we stutter sometimes).
  • We record in Philadelphia. We don't mention this that often because we want any listener from any part of the world to enjoy the podcast like we're sitting in your gaming room with a controller in hand (I should be paid to write this sappy stuff!)
  • We are all present in the same room recording. No Skype sessions.
  • Despite the fact that it sometimes appears we record after a hangover with no planning whatsoever, we do actually, somewhat plan stuff out. We're all the time in Facebook Chat and have named it everything from 240p Club Super Secret Chat to 240p Club vs. The Space Robots. Also real life meetings with no cheesy names.
  • Not all plans go accordingly. Our live recording (Podcast 15) featured two camera meltdowns and required us to edit in photos in the YouTube video. We still got the audio clearly though (albeit with cheesy pop music in the background)
  • We actually listen to our own podcast! Mainly for quality purposes but it makes a good listen while commuting to work!
  • While the 240p Club was planned for months, the first topic, Atari: Game Over, came about as Metallic Joe watched the documentary and pointed out a few things that were actually incorrectly portrayed. We just figured it would make a good podcast. Also the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie parodied this same topic.
  • Shown on our Twitch at one point or another during streaming: many varieties of beer, Shadow (our awesome kitty), Metallic Joe's Password book he had since about the 7th grade, old issues of Nintendo Power, Video Games & Computer Entertainment, and Gamepro, Slurpees, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

    -Metallic Joe-
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