Our Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to US!

On July 21st, 2016 the members of the 240p Club published their first podcast on the Atari: Game Over movie that was available on Netflix. We sat for a recording session about a week prior to publishing the podcast, due to the fact that we're very Do-It-Yourself and basically gave ourselves a crash course in podcast editing. Let's fire up the way back machine and give you all a brief history of our little group.

We've been friends for about 10 years, maybe more. We're all huge retro gaming fans and fairly close to the same age and always discussed doing something like this. Fast forward to the end of 2015. I have this long-time friend that was a avid retro gamer, to the point where he amassed a huge collection from flea market finds and Ebay. We discussed doing a podcast on retrogames.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2016 (we're jumping around a few time frames here). Lord Kuddy and I agreed to start a podcast. We then contacted Nikki to join in. Finally we contacted my friend, who declined to participate (he is a busy guy). July 2016 we all met at the Kawaii Kitty Cafe in Philadelphia and, surrounded by cute kitties, established our podcast! We pulled out a tape recorder and recorded a brief voice test.

We had a lot of goofy ideas for our podcast. One consisted of one of us playing a retro game while the other two gave them the MST3K treatment. We did it in Podcast 1 with Oregon Trail and realized it was a stupid idea. Also I recorded some goofy filler material between topics that needed to be ditched as well. After some experimentation, we finally found a formula that worked and by Podcast 2, we had it all down.

But that day at the Kawaii Kitty Cafe was where it all started. The 240p Club is a year old and we'll make it before long to year 2. 

-Metallic Joe-

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