Gamestop Unknowingly Selling Reproduction Cartridges to Consumers

In the beginning of this year, we covered Gamestop's newer retro-gaming resale program that allowed people everywhere to clean their attics and basements of all those old games sitting in storage and turn them into actual money (without having to put the effort of selling them on Ebay). Gamers everywhere have circulated quite a few gems and collectors are frothing at the mouth at the aspect of owning that last missing piece of a hardcore game collection.

Unless of course that copy of Chrono Trigger is faker then a porn star's... um, facial features. Lots of reports are coming in from all around the web of people buying games from Gamestop (and other locations) and spotting a small indicator (usually a label in the wrong spot or even something as mundane as a post-market chipset in the cartridge) that the game is a reproduction and not an original. To be fair, most of these fakes do actually work on an SNES, but spending $120 on a reproduction that's not worth even $3 is making collectors furious.

Buyer beware, more than ever.

-Metallic Joe-
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