Metallic Joe's Adventures in Computing

A lot goes into the behind the scenes here at the 240p Club that makes both our podcast and our twitch run. We do have a habit sometimes unfortunately of letting one or the other thing slip up. There haven't been a lot of blog posts recently. There hasn't been a twitch in a while. I have an unmixed podcast sitting on my desktop waiting for a quick edit to be published. We work day jobs so a lot of the activities we do are done afterwards or on our mutual days off. But we're always trying to think of awesome things to do with our podcast.

Brainstorming this stuff is easy. Making it happen is somewhat harder, especially on a DIY budget. We see a neat idea online or come up with one (often while sitting on the toilet) and go "this is what we want to do, so how do we pull this off with what we have?". So when we got the idea to do a multiplayer Twitch race, we had to research how to pull it off with the small resources we have. We don't have a donation box (yet), and we don't have high paying jobs, so we have to dig through whatever junk we got and attempt to pull off our crazy ideas. In true 240p fashion, plans always seem to go awry. So we researched Twitch multi-casting via Google and attempted a few things in Windows. They all failed (well, not all the way failed... we got a delicious sushi lunch out of the afternoon so it wasn't a bust). The time had come to venture into Linux and see what we could do there.

Now it's important to understand that I'm a total noob when it comes to Linux. So installing it onto my system require a little research, and so did the console commands I had to enter to get things done with Linux. Anyway I may have pulled an all-nighter, but I gave myself a crash course in Linux and after a few attempts, with the sun up, the server worked! Imagine the joy when I woke my wife up with a "woohoo" after researching the hell out of all this.

Now to make it practical. I had an older netbook sitting around (which you saw in Podcast 15 was the same one I was playing Blades of Steel on) that I figured I could use to stream to the server while my big boy computer handled the bandwith part of things. Running Windows 7, OBS wouldn't even start. No video card. Thinking it might be the drivers, I sacrificed my old computer to the Linux gods in an attempt to try it a different way. Still no luck. Also in true 240p Club fashion, we can't really justify buying a whole new laptop specifically for streaming something once maybe twice a year. Le sigh.

The moral of this whole thing is that there is no moral. I just wanted to give you all an insight into what I've been doing the past few weeks and hopefully we'll have everything working again for the majority of our upcoming plans!

Also, never fret... new podcast is coming very soon!

-Metallic Joe-

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