A Quick Press Release About Tonight...

Hello out there in 240p Club land! This is Metallic Joe posting to you from the 240p Club studio.

If you tuned in tonight to our Twitch stream, you definitely saw Ray thrash the first few levels of Shovel Knight's newest expansion pack before having what we describe as the most epic rage quit ever. The stream was cut after that and we went on to restore the stream and play Mega Man 5 for the NES and got past the first 8 bosses in the game.

The point is, we're all long-time real life friends. Seeing one of our own struggle with mental issues and rage quits goes well beyond trying to grow as a podcast. Frankly, we can't do this without Ray. He introduced us to Twitch, helped name our podcast, help out with topics, and he's far and away one of the most knowledgeable retro gamers I know. We would have never developed without him. Literally when we were cooking this idea up he was the very first person I thought of to join us.

We have a new podcast that will be published tomorrow, featuring him. I'm seriously hoping Ray sticks around with us and decides to keep up the awesome job he's been doing with us! It's been an honor to do this with him and we hope he's still up for many more podcasts. If you all want to wish him well, send some greetings to the 240p Club page on Facebook or Twitter.

Here's hoping we do indeed see Ray again on everything we decide to do in the future. Cheers to everyone out there, and especially Ray!

- Metallic Joe -
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