Welcome to the 240p Club!

All blogs have to start somewhere, I guess. My name's Metallic Joe. You'll be hearing from all of us eventually, but we're the 240pClub. This will be a podcast / blog dedicated to classic gaming. 240p is the old resolution for gaming consoles up to the introduction of HDTVs and digital signals. When we were kids, we didn't really care about that, though. I had an NES, some alcohol and a cotton swap, and a small TV in my basement. The local video store down the street started to get Sega Genesis games in. Every kid wanted a Genesis after that. I got one in exchange for a good report card from my parents one day in June, 1992.

Fast forward to many years later, with all the advances in gaming and especially multi-player gaming. Pick up a controller with 2 analog sticks, a D-pad, shoulder buttons, a trigger, 8 buttons, and a few weeks to perfect the controls just to do a basic maneuver. Yea, no. I have nothing against the newer games (and have gotten absorbed into them for sure), but I long back to the days when you didn't need to spend an additional $9.99 for that power-up to finish a level. 4 buttons were all that were needed half the time. Even less for older games (Hell, Sonic the Hedgehog needed a D-pad and one button only)! The more I got into the 80s and 90s games again, thanks to the internet, the more I discovered I never played before.

There's a popular resurgence of many 80s and 90s cultural icons (what's old is new again every few years). This includes all the classic video gaming imagery. You can get a wallet, belt buckle and t-shirt with the iconic NES controller imprinted on them, a shirt with 8-bit art on it, and many of the older classics are available to download (legally) on newer consoles for a small fee.

Though we may seem old fashioned, some of these games captured lightning in a bottle that can never be duplicated. 2D, 240p, and simple graphics never stopped a game from being awesome. We'll absolutely talk about every classic we can get our hands on, play through a few (thanks to twitch), and hopefully keep you guys entertained the entire way!

- Metallic Joe -
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